Serving breakfast sandwiches @motosocial and supporting

Serving breakfast sandwiches @motosocial and supporting


our roots

"Life is like a Sandwich, you have to fill it with the best ingredients!" 

                                                                                        - Unknown


Flossie's Sandwich Parlor


Older Use. a room for the reception & entertainment of visitors to one's home; living room,or building serving as a place of business for certain businesses or professions: for the like for relaxation, conversation, etc

Relaxation & Comfort go hand in hand with good food and Flossie's aim is to provide just that. With the expectation that our food and the environment is that of a second home to our patrons. Creating an atmosphere that brings family, friends and strangers together through our hand-crafted sandwiches and the surrounding beauty that is Prince Edward County. It’s all about the food, not a fancy restaurant, and therefore a rustic, unassuming shack, shed, tent or trailer to become the symbol of authentic Prince Edward County flavours. Flossie's Sandwich Parlor is an outdoor living room to relax and indulge in all things that Prince Edward County has to offer.

Kyle Jones

As a young man, watching my father cook and create new dishes in the kitchen, I developed a love for food. I inherited from him, the passion of flavour pairing and a pure enjoyment in cooking for friends and family. Watching their reactions and curiosity flare as they savoured each bite. Oddly enough, Flossie's, is named after my grandmother, whom, the only thing she could make, was reservations. However, she and my father had a very special relationship. So, from both of their influences comes; Flossie's Sandwich Parlour - After many years of  wishing aloud and day dreaming I've finally taken the leap, in hopes to share my enjoyment of cooking and creating new staples in comfort food and share it with the masses.... well, Prince Edward County. Which is masses enough for me. Prince Edward is the first real home for my wife Nelda, son Jack, pup Burger and I and we couldn't be prouder to call it home and the residents from Consecon to Bongard's Corner our neighbours.  Prince Edward County embodies all things that are truly the epitome of what makes Canada great as well as so many unique traits that only our special pocket of the country can provide. Some of those traits, I hope to showcase through Flossie's menu. As a proud Canadian and small business owner, I have a large appreciation towards and feel it's my obligation to support and raise the awareness of supporting local businesses, specifically our world class meat & produce.